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General Terms and Conditions

All orders are processed under the following terms and conditions. When ordering online, the payment is conducted according to the manner of your choice. The postage is made either via post or shipment, the charges of which are covered by the receiver. This also applies for subsequent/replacement deliveries. The limits of shipments free of charge are very low. For information on this, see the information under the point, shipping costs. As long as there are no problems with the transport company or problems caused through acts of God, we guarantee that animals will arrive within Germany alive (except insects used for feed). This also applies for international deliveries by air, except in conditions of very high temperatures or frost.

We only sell animal that in our knowledge, have no illnesses!

We cannot take responsibility for eventual illnesses of the animals with a later onset or even the loss of an animal from the point when the animal has been received or generally after an animal has left our premises.

The sex determination (if a particular gender preference has been expressed) is done with our best knowledge. We however cannot guarantee the gender!

Please collect frozen feed immediately when you receive notice that it has arrived. If the shipment is delayed because of late collection, we cannot guarantee for the quality and the cooling of the feed.

For legal reasons, in the case of shipments of living animals, we can only accept orders in written form with an explicit recognition of our terms and conditions, as well as a confirmation that you will IMMEDIATELY PICK UP THE ANIMAL ONCE IT HAS ARRIVED.

Rights of cancellation of orders/clarification of the returning rights policy:

In principle you can return your received order without a stated reason within 14 days through a return postage. This time limit begins at the earliest when you have received your goods and this policy explanation. You may only demand us to take your goods back via text-form in the case of ordering goods that cannot be shipped in a package. To conduct returns within the deadline, the prompt posting of returned packages/ the written notice about a return demand should suffice. In all cases, the return shipment is made at our risk providing that you have packaged the goods in exactly the same way as you received them. Please send us the package with the postage charges pre-paid. In the case of return shipments where the received goods correspond with your order and with our catalogue or online shop, the customer is responsible for the postage charges. In other cases, the return shipment is free of charge for the customer.

Animals are in principle not returnable as well as literature and data carriers if these were sealed and the sealing has been opened.

In the case of a valid return of goods, both parties should reimburse the insured costs and if applicable, return any received benefits. If the goods are returned in a deteriorated condition, value replacement may be demanded as compensation. This does not apply, if the deterioration can be proved to be solely due to the checking of the condition of the goods.

WA1 animals are only sold with a valid Cites. This costs EUR 5,50 per animal. Health Certificate (EUR 30,-) only if requested.

If the delivery time overstretches 4 months from the point of contract signing or if the delivery is delayed over 4 months due to reasons that are solely due the customer or that fall solely in his/her risk area, we are entitled to charge the agreed price that was valid on the day of delivery. If this price increase is over 5% of the agreed price of goods, then the customer is entitled to back away from the contract. This right loses validity if the customer does not terminate the contract within the deadline of one month from the time of receiving notification about the new price.

The customer declares his/her acceptance with the fact that in the case of orders via direct debit, we will obtain information on creditworthiness from the credit bureau.

If the customer is a merchant under the German commercial regulation (HGB), the place of performance and jurisdiction for services and payments as well as for any disagreements around the signed contract that should emerge between the contractual parties, is Medebach."

Data protection:

All personal data is handled in confidence. The data we require for business development is saved in our system and used under the framework for order development. Your address information is only forwarded to business information services for the purposes of checking your creditworthiness. In processing your data, the protection of your interests in accordance with the legal regulations is ensured. You can contest the use of your data at any time, as well as request the blocking of access to, the deletion of or information about your personal data.

Until we have received full payment for all goods and services, the goods remain our property.